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Unique Products and Services

Pre-settlement Remittance

Personal pre-settlement remittance is a specific remittance of foreign exchange that remitter handle the inward remittance of foreign exchange to China through ICBC(Almaty). The remitted amount of foreign exchange can be settled in RMB at the foreign exchange rate for settlement specified based on the pre-settlement remittance of ICBC on the same day and paid to the receiver in the form of RMB.

Characteristic Advantages
1.Capital remitted by remitter is in foreign currency, but amount debited to the receiver's account is in RMB.
2.Receiver of such business has opened account in ICBC's domestic outlets and can receive the overseas inward remittance debited to the account in RMB at the very first time. It not only locks the receiver's foreign exchange rate, but also avoids the receiver's handling of foreign exchange settlement procedures at counters of the bank.
3.ICBC can also transfer the overseas inward remittance to receiver's opening bank and debit the remittance in RMB to achieve the barrier-free receipt of remittance if the receiver does not open an account in domestic ICBC outlets.

Service Channels
Remitters can handle the personal pre-settlement of foreign exchange business through ICBC outlets.

Non account remittance

The personal client could use non-account doing remittance territory, outside the RMB, KZT, the U.S. Dollar remittance business. And to provide RMB Pre-Settlement services help customers reduce exchange rate risk.

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